PJAS States

The PJAS States competition is held at the main campus of the Pennsylvania State University in mid-May. The PJAS State competition is by far one of the most fun competitions. Participants spend 3 days on campus (Sunday-Tuesday) and stay in the college dorms. On the second day, presentations and awards take place. In order to qualify for this competition, you must have gotten a 1st award at PJAS Regionals.

On the second day of the trip, students wake up and go their assigned presentation room, much like the regional competition. The presentation style is identical to the regional competition. After presentations are over, there is an awards ceremony. The special award ceremony has a range of monetary prizes. The most notable are the $2,000/year Penn State scholarships in engineering as well as 12+ prizes ranging from $500–$2,000. These special awards are meant to reward the most gifted and dedicated participants in the program.

On the first day of the competition, students arrive at PSU Main Campus. They are then assigned a dorm room with another team member. The participants are to attend one regional meeting then the day is theirs. All meals are available through the PSU dining hall.

  • The entire campus is open to students to walk, as well as the town adjoining the campus. There are many activities open to students, such as a pool, open gymnasiums, and much more.

PJAS Talent Search/Scholarship/Trip Competition:
Open to Juniors and Seniors only. Occurs at the State competition, can earn a student all expenses paid trips, and $2,000 scholarships (renewable per year) to PSU Main Campus.

  • Forms (provided at the competition)
  • Resume
  • Transcript
  • Letter of Recommendation


   PJAS Regionals

*See the general ISEF Fairs page for more “general” information regarding the fair.