PJAS Regionals

The competition consists of participants being assigned to rooms based on project category. They present their project on a Promethean Board using PowerPoint in a given time limit of 10 minutes.  At the conclusion of the presentation, the judges ask the student question. In the past, the Methacton Team has sent the majority of the team on to the State level competition and usually most of the team achieves 1st awards. The team has also brought back many scholarships and special awards as well. There is no prerequisite to competing at this competition.

The competition is judged based on a rubric rather than simply ranking the students’  presentations. This means the entire team could win first awards, if everyone scores an average of 4 or higher.  The rubric consists of 5 categories, each of which has a maximum score of 5. To go on to the state meet, participants must receive a 1st award (an average score of 4 or greater). Participants who receive 2nd awards (an average score between 3 and 3.99) may be eligible to go on to States as a timer. Participants that go over 10 minutes in presentation length are automatically disqualified for a 1st award.

Useful documents:

The program is split up into 12 regions which span from Philadelphia to Lake Erie. We are region 1B. (Region 1B website)

PSTS Talent Search:
Open to juniors and seniors, interviews will be conducted by scientists. Winners of this receive a certificate and a letter of recommendation sent to the student’s top three college choices based upon the scientists’ opinions.

  1. Letter of Recommendation from one science teacher
  2. Transcript
  3. Completed Forms (to be posted when they are available)

Region-Specific Forms:

PJAS States   

*See the general PJAS fairs page for more “general” information regarding the fair.