PJAS Fairs

The Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science is a state-wide
New-Hi-Res-PJAS-Logoscience fair in Pennsylvania that was founded in 1934. It includes both a regional meet as well as a state meet at Pennsylvania State University. The science fair is open to all students of participating schools in grades 7-12. The fair consist of two competitions: Regionals and States:


  • The regional competition consists of students presenting their 10 minute Power Point project presentation in a room with students presenting projects within the same category.
  • At the conclusion of the presentation, the judges ask the student questions.
  • The fair is judged based on a rubric rather than simply ranking the participants’ scores. The rubric consists of 5 categories, each of which has a maximum score of 5 (a perfect score is 25). To go to States, participants must receive a 1st Award (an average score of 4 or greater). Participants who receive 2nd awards (an average score between 3 and 3.99) may be eligible to go to States as a timer.
  • Participants that go over 10 minutes in presentation length are automatically disqualified for a 1st award.


  • The competition is held at the main campus of the Pennsylvania State University in mid-May.
  • Participants spend 3 days on campus (Sunday-Tuesday) and stay in the college dorms. On the second day, presentations and awards take place. Anyone who scores a 1st award must also attend a special award ceremony.
  • The special award ceremony has a range of monetary prizes. The most notable prizes include the $2,000/year Penn State scholarships in Engineering as well as 12+ prizes ranging from $500–$2,000. These special awards are meant to reward the most gifted and dedicated participants in the program.

Project Categories:
Students must conduct their research and do their presentation in 1 of the 13 Scientific Categories of Research. These include:

The PJAS fair complies with standard ISEF Forms. See our forms page for assistance!

Presentation Rules:
Digital presentations will be the only method of project presentation. The equipment will be provided to all students at the site. Presentations must be made in Microsoft PowerPoint format. All digital presentations must be brought to the site with the student on a flash drive. In case of emergency, you may be able to log onto the computer and retrieve the file from your email.

  • Slides may contain text and graphics ONLY
  • Animation, music, and sound effects are prohibited
  • The use of hyperlinking is prohibited (an automatic 1 for the presentation)
  • All information and pictures in the presentation must be cited if they are not your own
  • The presentation may not exceed 10 minutes in length

More information may be found at: www.pjas.net