2020 ISEF Protocol Form:

All Methacton-affiliated competitions that we attend (ISEF and PJAS fairs) require this set of forms to be filled out. Check out the ISEF rules and regulations, and then click the button below to view the forms wizard.

Step 1. 

Get Forms

Step 2. That’s it! Those are all of the general release forms you need for ALL science fair competitions. Please turn the forms in before the deadline indicated on the calendar to Mr. Helm in room A213 (Please do not staple your forms together).

**A quick note on title length.  For MCSRC (ISEF) title length is limited to 80 characters.   Please limit yourself to this when you turn in all your protocol forms.

You may use the same title length for PJAS when you present using your slides, but because of spacing at the state level, the registration program will only allow for a 60 space title.  Abbreviate, or just type until you run out of space.

What is SRC? And do I need it?”

  • SRC (Scientific Review Committee) is a committee which approves experiments typically dealing with biological agents, vertebrate animals, controlled substances, hazardous substances, hazardous devices, or any type of research project that involves human subjects.
  • SRC is needed when the experiment you want to conduct involves one of the topics mentioned above. It can be obtained by giving Mr. Helm your project BEFORE one of the three SRC “dates” in which your project will be reviewed by the committee to see if it is deemed as safe to do (Researchers CANNOT recruit subjects and/or collect data, including doing ‘pilot studies’ to pretest the procedures, until the IRB has reviewed and approved the project).

When do projects need to be completed by?”

  • Projects are due either the day of the fair, or a few days before. There will be notifications on when they are due for each fair on the schedule.

Where can I find more of these frequently asked questions?”