PJAS 2019 Due Dates

Any member wishing to participate in the PJAS competition must complete the following:

1) Online Registration: Students participating in PJAS this year must complete the online registration by 11:59pm on Tuesday, January 15th at https://www.pjasregistration.com/v1/.  Any student who registers after that time will not be entered in the competition.

2) Student Registration Form: The 2019 PJAS Student Registration Form must be completed and turned in the A213 by 4pm on Thursday, January 17th. The $20 registration fee is paid for by MHS.

3) Presentation Upload: Project presentations must be completed and uploaded at https://www.pjasregistration.com/v1/ by midnight Thursday, February 21st.

4) PJAS Regional Competition: The competition will take place on Saturday, February 23rd at Souderton Area High School. Transportation will not be provided by the school. Student arrival is 7:45-8am. You may want to bring a flash drive with your presentation as a backup. You may also want to print out comment sheets for the judges, as sometimes they are not provided. This and more information can be found under the PJAS Regionals tab.