Congrats to PJAS Regional Winners

MHS Science Fair Team members participated in the PJAS Region 1B Competition on Saturday. Presentations were graded on a 5-point scale by various STEM professionals who served as judges. Several MHS students received a score of 4 or higher (a 1st place) and will move on to the PJAS States competition at Penn State in May. Congrats to all who participated!

Students who received perfect scores:

  • Shrinidhi Dandibhotla
  • Karen Li
  • Sarah Young

Other students who received a 1st place:

  • Dylan Kuang
  • Angela Lian
  • Miti Patel
  • Shreya Patil
  • Saadya Rao
  • Sudhish Reddy
  • Ashmitha Sivakumar
  • Arushi Tiwari
  • Claire Tse
  • Megha Varghese

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