Congrats to Claire and Karthik for competing at ISEF!

11th grade student Karthik Yegnesh has the #1 ranked Mathematics research project IN THE WORLD!

Karthik’s awards include:

  1. $5,000 for Intel ISEF Best of Category Award (in Mathematics)
  2. $3,000 for 1st place Intel ISEF Grand Award in his category
  3. Trip to China (“Intel Foundation Cultural & Scientific Visit to China Award” partnering with China Adolescents for Science & Technology, CAST)
  4. Asteroid naming (MIT, Lincoln Laboratory, Ceres Connection) submitted to IAU (International Astronomical Union; minor planets have been discovered by LINEAR, Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research program, operated by MIT)

ISEF will also award his participating school (MHS) $1000 and his feeder fair (DVSF) $1000


A minor planet will also be named in recognition of his sponsor/teacher (yours truly, Mr. Robert Helm)

Grand Awards are listed here


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