PBS Emperor Science Award

Love Science?

Enter the Emperor Science Award program for a chance to work alongside a mentoring scientist!

Winning students will be paired with university-level research scientists for the opportunity to explore the world of science and become part of the next generation of cancer researchers!

Who should enter?

Students in grades 10-11 who are curious about exploring careers in science and cancer research and care.

Why enter?

Unique opportunity to build a mentor relationship, work one-on-one on an important cancer research project, and create valuable experiences for your educational resume!

What will you win?

100 students will be paired with a mentoring scientist to collaborate on a multi-week* cancer research project, plus receive a  free Google Chromebook and $1,500 for project expenses.

How Do I Enter?

   Talk to your teacher and check out the Official Website.
   Write your 750-Word Essay.
   Submit your Entry.


“Cancer has been referred to as the emperor of all maladies and millions of people around the world are looking for a cure. In America, over 1600 people die each day. Tell us why scientific research is so important in helping to find a cure for cancer. And if you could be a scientific researcher, what would you study and why?”


More Information:



*Research projects are 8-12 weeks and will be completed during 2016 timeframes: Jan-March, April-June, July-September.

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